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Maker's Canvas Backpack - Navy Gray

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The Maker's Backpack is back. Think of this bag as the ultimate carryall for your crafting. The straps are large to transfer weight evenly but not too big to get in the way. It sits flat on the ground, thanks to 5 metal feet, and has a removable top handle to grab comfortably. On the inside, there are separate pockets for your needles/hooks, a dedicated space for your WIPs, a spot for your phone, and much more. This is the ultimate carry-all bag for any maker.

14" w x 18" t(not including handles) x 4.5" w at base/6" w at sides


* Designed for Makers - Sturdy Waxed Canvas and Leather Exterior- Lots of Pockets
* Outfitted with antique bronze hardware
* Hidden back zip compartment for important items and documents
* Adjustable back straps and two carrying handles for easy transportation
* Four sturdy feet on the bottom to provide stability and protection
* Two exterior side pockets, two interior snap pockets for electronics,