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Briar Patch Fibre Co. - BFL Sock

Briar Patch Fibre Co. - BFL Sock

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Made from 75% Blue Faced Leicester and 25% Nylon Fingering Weight - 464yds/100g
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Wet block when finished working. Some color bleeding may happen on first wash.

The yarn is dyed in the same pot, but that by no means promises they will each take the dye the same. If you are making a large project, please feel free to reach out and I can work with you to ensure the yarn you get is from the same dyelot, or dye them special for you.


Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture and Harvest. She blesses the land we work to provide food for ourselves and others. This yard holds the rich brown dirt and lush green crop. This Yarn reminds us to be thankful for those who grow our food and provide sustenance for us.

Black on the flag stands for Remembrance. For generations, LGBTQ+ folk have being persecuted and attacked in the name of Religious Freedoms. For a decade, the US Government allowed us to suffer an epidemic, blatantly ignoring calls to action. This yarn is dyed in honor of those whose lives were cut tragically short so that we can live openly, out, and proud.

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